Upcycled, handmade and fair trade is our motto.

Let your style be an expression of who you are.

Our handmade and upcycled collections are designed to make you feel empowered and transform your everyday look. Products that tell a story of solidarity, love and justice.

Express yourself with our pieces that carry this special energy.


Featured collection

It's a lifeSTYLE.


My number one purchase reason is the environmental impact these products have in saving our world. Great designs, very durable. I always am proud to use and show off my side bag, belt and wallet. I just LOVE these products!

Carmelo N.

In a world where there is often so much sacrificed to make a quick buck, I am so happy to wear a beautiful necklace that I know wasn't made at the expense of the Earth or fellow human beings

Sarah R.

I'm completely at peace knowing I can do anything guilt-free without worrying about damaging the jewelry. I love how malleable and smooth the material is. I get compliments every time I rock my pieces and everyone is always shocked that they're made from tires!


Pieces are durable and stylishly designed to go with casual or formal attire, and the business model is commendable as it promotes talented artisans, ethical production and fair wages perfect for the educated global consumer searching for responsibly made fashion.

Sundeep C.

Not only are Chic Made Consciously's designs sleek, innovative and fresh, it's the behind the scenes work of the company that makes me proud to wear my necklace.

Sarah R.

I adore CMC! I would recommend this line to everyone as it's way more valuable to support your local artists and look fashionable in an environmentally sustainable way.