4 COVID-Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas


With February in full swing, Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. Regardless of if you’re in a relationship, or enjoying the single life, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to reflect on all the forms of love in your life. From platonic relationships, to family, to the relationship you cultivate with yourself, Valentine’s Day is your chance to celebrate it!

You might not be able to go out and enjoy a nice dinner, or catch a movie, but even while at home there are lots of ways to enjoy a day of love. Here’s a few COVID-friendly ideas for how to spend your Valentine’s Day:

#1. Zoom Date

For those who are unable to see their loved ones, whether it's your lover or your besties due to social distancing, Zoom can help close the gap. Even just a casual chat over the phone can do wonders to boost your mood while spending most of your time alone and at-home. If you feel like spicing things up, dress up for date night online or you can also organize to watch a movie over Zoom using the screen-sharing function. On a day intended to celebrate love, being able to share some of this love (even virtually) will leave you, and your loves feeling fulfilled. 

#2. Park Date

Depending on your climate, and your COVID restrictions, spending some time outside is always a great way to get out of the stay-at-home funk. Going on a walk with your significant other, sitting in a park together, and even grabbing some food or coffee makes for a cute date that can easily be socially distanced as well. 

#3. Self Care Night

For single folks, or those unable to see loved ones, you can take Valentine’s as the perfect opportunity to spend some extra time and care on yourself. When working and living from home, the lines can get blurred, which is why carving out intentional time for yourself is so crucial. A self-care night can look however you want it, based on what makes you feel good. Taking a long hot bath, lighting a candle and reading a book, or watching your favourite guilty pleasure TV show can all be self-care!

Regardless if you are single or in a relationship, cultivating a practice of self-care for yourself is a beautiful way to nurture your soul and bring more vitality to your everyday. 


#4. Date Night from Home

For those living with a significant other, Valentine’s Day is a great time to switch up your dinner routine and make a special meal together for you both to enjoy. You get the fun experience of taking on cooking together, and afterwards can savour your meal, dressed up or dressed down depending on how badly you’re missing the restaurant experience. And for those who want the date night minus the cooking, food delivery services are not only convenient, but serve as an easy way to support local businesses!


While Valentine’s Day is going to look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean you, and the people you love, have to look any less great. Even when dating from home, and staying at home, you can still feel amazing with some help from a few of our handmade gender-neutral pieces to elevate your at-home looks.

Check out our gift guides to find some sustainable goodies for you or your loved ones! Order by February 6th to get it before Valentine's Day. 


Let us know what you get up to this Valentine's Day and share any other ideas in the comments below!

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Valentine ❤


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