6 Fall Essentials For Your Wardrobe


With summer coming to an end and autumn beginning, unfortunately, that means putting away our bikinis and straw totes until next year.

But on the bright side, this means that we get to pull out our favorite cozy fall pieces and wrap ourselves up in the warmth.

While a season passes and a new begins, this also means shifting our wardrobe and incorporating those functional staples that fit the season and complete an outfit - we call this sustainability!

We created a list of 6 Essential Pieces For Your Fall Wardrobe. Read on to find out:

  • why they're essential
  • how versatile they are
  • different ways you can wear them this upcoming season

Who doesn’t want versatile and stylish looks that reflect the beautiful season upon us?!


  1. A Jean Jacket


An extremely classic and timeless piece, jean jackets are an absolute key wardrobe staple, especially when fall comes rolling around. It becomes the perfect, cozy, yet stylish layer when the air is crisp, but not too cold. 

A denim jacket can easily be worn with any style that your sporting, whether that may be a hoodie and your yoga pants, a colorful boho vibe or a white minimalistic look.To put simply, jean jackets are an easy way to accent any style with a variety of looks.


Joana Bis rocking this fall staple with CMC's SRI bracelet

TIP: Pieces that can be worn in a number of ways is a wonderful sustainable option!

Also, jean jackets make layering easy, which is key for the fall season. You can layer a t-shirt with a cardigan underneath or possibly a plaid flannel. Another reason to have this essential is that they can easily come in so many different designs. You can find them distressed, light wash, dark wash, with embroidery or you could even get creative and DIY it to make it your own!


It’s truly is a must have in any wardrobe that you can keep in your closet for as long as you live! I can guarantee you’ll get great use out of a jean jacket AND it will very much compliment anything you have in your closet. 


  1. A Hat


One accessory that is my personal favorite is a hat. Hats are a way to elevate your outfit and is a simple piece that makes it feel complete. In the past year or so, we’ve been seeing hats becoming a popular accessory staple. One of our favorite sustainability pioneers, Verena Erin from My Green Closet, styles this piece so beautifully. 


What is great about hats is that there are such an array of different styles that could be incorporated into your look - Parisian style bourés, classic baseball cap or even a wide brim fedora are examples of timeless pieces. If these hats aren't for you, you might have to try some out and see what works for your style.


The point is, the simplicity of a hat easily changes the look of your outfit and adds versatility. The more looks you have with less, the more sustainable your wardrobe!

  1. A Pair of Boots


When it comes to Canadian seasons and how quickly our climate changes, it can sometimes be difficult to have the right shoes. It's that time of the year when some days sneakers can be too cold and it's not yet time to pull out your winter boots.

That’s why boots are one of our fall favorites. If you don't have a pair you love, investing in good boots will guarantee that you are set for years to come. They're seriously are such an easy way to a style your outfit and make a statement. By getting familiar with your style, you can ensure to choose a pair that will fit with your wardrobe.

I personally adore boots that are chunky platforms. I get so much use out of my Doc Marten boots and love that they now have a vegan line!


Doc Martens shoes styled with their Vegan line

  1. A Knit Sweater


Our fourth favorite essential item for the upcoming season is a classic knit sweater. 

Knits are a great way to provide comfort as we move into the colder seasons, as well as having the option to style them in a way that is more formal, for example, an office job or to a family celebration.


A huge sustainable plus is that, like jean jackets, knits are useful for layering.

They don’t always necessarily have to be a pullover either, you can grab an amazing knitted cardigan, throw a simple turtleneck and a nice pair of jeans and there you go! A simple yet classic look that is well put together saves you time and offers versatility - a huge style win! 

  1. A Scarf


Scarves are a beautiful accessory to have around to amp your style game up.

How do they offer versatility? Easy. There are literally a multitude of ways to wear them.

Watch this video for 25 ways!

Aside from the above video, I also enjoy tying it around a bun or ponytail - it really makes it easy to throw up your hair and add depth to your look!


As much as I love patterend scarves and how they make your outfit pop, choosing a scarf that is plain coloured will give your style more diverse looks.

Scarves are a definite must-have as a fall essential! If you don't have a favourite yet, what I love is that they are so attainable to find in any second-hand shop, so why not try it out!

  1. A Golden Jewelry Piece


With autumn around the corner, that means leaves are changing and with that comes gorgeous colorful hues that stem right from mother nature. When the leaves change colors, this a great time to start wearing warm tones that reflect our environment, such as deep red, dark purple, forest green, and golden yellow.

One accent piece I especially love is the perfect golden jewelry piece. One of my personal favourites from Chic Made Consciously’s new brass collection is the AVITUS ring.


AVITUS is a simple yet noticeable golden statement piece that is hand hammered with a thick band. This ring also pairs well with any of the other Golden collection pieces to make a beautiful ensemble of jewelry. AVITUS is a piece that is suitable for everyday wear and would go well with any of the fall essentials listed above. Not only do I love that this collection screams fall vibes, but I also love how it offers a story about the positive impact it has on the Cambodian community who made it. 

What do you think about golden tones for fall?


Essential pieces don’t always have to be new and exciting that cost tons of money. Often, the key things that bring our wardrobes together, are the pieces that you may have had all along in your closet and perhaps overlooked.

Why not try shopping your closet again to see if you might have these fall favs. If not, they might be worth investing in for with functional sustainable style!


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