7 Ways to Feel Your Best in a COVID Winter

When it’s gloomy and dreary outside, it can be hard to not internalize it. The days are cold and short, and most of the time, we’re not leaving our homes. But this doesn’t mean you need to let the COVID Winter blues ruin your mood. Here are 7 ways to help boost your mood, and fight the Winter woes. 
1. Take time away from your screen
With much of the work, socializing and entertainment we consume that is happening on screens, it’s important to take time away. This time can look however you want; a long hot shower, reading a book, or going on a walk. If you can’t get a break during your day, try and avoid using your phone right after you wake up, or before you go to bed!
2. Get some fresh air
While Winter is still in full force (at least here in Toronto, Canada), that doesn’t mean you need to give up on spending time outside. Layer up, and get some fresh air in whatever way is most accessible to you. Sit on your porch/balcony, go on a walk through your neighbourhood, or even go skating at a local outdoor rink, or lake. Getting fresh air and sunshine has been proven to help with your health, mood, and concentration!
3. Keep your space clean
As opposed to being in a normal workplace, when you’re at home there’s a million and one distractions. Prioritizing maintaining a space where you feel good, and are able to focus will benefit both your productivity, and stress levels. You’ll be able to work without the thought of cleaning, or other household tasks hanging over your head, or sitting right in front of you. 
4. Get ready!
When you’re not leaving your house, it’s so easy to get in the routine of waking up, and leaving your pyjamas on, or changing your pyjamas for more sweatpants or cozy clothes. Taking the time to intentionally get ready for the day, and put on clothes that make you feel good are such easy steps that will have your carrying the feel-good energy throughout the day. Plus, it’ll make finishing your work day, and changing back into your pyjamas all the more satisfying. 
5. Prioritize connecting with others (virtually)
With social distancing, and the limited ability to interact with friends and peers, make time for phone, or video chats to maintain these connections. Even just a quick talk with a loved one has the ability to totally turn your day around, and remind you of who you have to be thankful for in your life.
6. Move your body
With little reason to leave the house these days, most of the movement you get might be from going room-to-room in your home. Physical activity is known to be so beneficial, for both your physical and mental health, so incorporating it into these cold winter days is so important. Your time for movement can easily be paired with some of our other tips, like spending time outside, or having screen-free time. A run, a walk, a yoga flow, and weight lifting are just a few of the many ways you can choose to get some physical activity in your routine. And a tip to remain consistent; find a time of day that works best for you, and schedule it as your active time!
7. Honour your feelings
Life is very unpredictable at the moment. To cope with this, sometimes you need to let yourself have a bad day. When things are tough, just making it through the day, or the week is an accomplishment. Sitting in your feelings, and taking time to rest are just as essential to feeling great as any other tips. Truly feeling the lows of life, make the highs so much more enjoyable.

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