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Welcome to Life with CMC....Life with ME!

Let me introduce myself. I am CMC. Cassandra Maria Ciarallo, the founder of Chic Made Consciously. CMC are the initials of my name and my business, which I believe is an extension of myself. All that I love and honour goes into my work with Chic Made Consciously and this is why I am excited to share this part of my life with you. 

I was eager to start this blog and video log because I wanted to share with you the roots of why I started this company. It all began in 2014 when I was travelling to Bali, Indonesia. I met and spent some time working with an artisan named Dana and fell in love with the beautiful work of him and his brother Pat. Their art was all handcrafted accessories made from repurposed tire inner tubes: bracelets, bags, wallets, belts, earrings and more (all which you can see through browsing this website!). This connection sparked something inside of me and I knew I had to be part of their team. So, I began distributing their beautiful accessories in Toronto, representing their work from there and bringing more awareness to the sustainable fashion movement.

I am journeying back to Bali and am excited to share my experiences, all the beauty, the people, the food and some of my favourite things in this magical place. I look forward to connecting with you by sharing my adventures.

Our first episode is our stopover in Shanghai, China.


  • Walking along Nagjin Pedestrian street to see many shops
  • Incredible Shanghai dumlings. This style of dumpling has soup inside so makes for some delicious and flavourful dim sum. Restaurant name: Jia Jia Tang Bao (rated #12 on Tripadvisor). 
  • Riding the intricate subway system - insane compared to Toronto!
  • Super modern city 
  • The bund - Shanghai skyline on the Huangpu River


  • The unhealthy air quality - my weather app said it, not me!
  • Not prepping for 9 degree celcius temperature. I definitely didn't have enough warm clothes!
  • It was s difficult day of communicating, but I'm now a wiz at google translate!

Overall I had a great time in Shanghai. I definitely would be interested in spending some more time in China in the future, but for now I'M READY FOR BALI!!!!!!

Check out the VLOG to see our experience in action:


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