Easy & Sustainable Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. It pushes me to get creative and have FUN dressing up while putting on a different persona. 

Although I absolutely love dressing up, the more I learn about the wasteful implications of Halloween, the more I wanted to try something different in order to help the environment and be more conserving!


Did you know?

In the US alone, shoppers are spending approx $3.4 billion on Halloween costumes that are worn for only one night! (Fash Rev).

Nearly 85% of all Halloween costumes bought every year end up in a landfill, which is around 12,500 tonnes of Halloween costumes!


Based on what I've been reading, I decided that my costume this year would be a mix of various eco-friendly choices. These 4 ideas were literally all pieces that I found in my closet, including Chic Made Consciously's upcycled and fair trade collections. 

Here are my 4 costumes:

1. The Biker Chick



In this photo, I'm wearing the SOLID UNITY choker bundle, the SASS holster, and two FLOWER BRACELET - LARGE. 

2. The Viking

viking-halloween-outfit-idea diy-viking-sustainable-costume-halloween

For this look, my accessories are the MARTINA bracelet, the TITUS bracelet, the ECO belt, the SOLID choker and the UNITY choker used as a headband (view as a bundle the SOLID UNITY bundle). 


3. The Urban Hippie



This look was super simple - maybe because I feel like it can be my everyday look:) Here I'm rocking the BLOOM choker, the UNITY choker as a headband, and two FLOWER BRACELET - MEDIUM


4. Cleopatra



Aside from being an incredibly simple costume, this outfit was so fun to put together! Literally just wrapping a sheet around myself and accenting with The Golden Collection made this look come together so easily. I am wearing two TITUS bracelets, the GOLDEN CHOKER Bundle, the AURORA earrings, and the DIVYA headband.

To see our YouTube video where I show how I styled them, watch here:

These are only a few ideas to get you thinking outside the box when it comes to Halloween costumes. Based on my experience, the following guidelines will help you create an awesome costume that is easy and sustainable:

1. GO DIY: whether you find it in your own closet or watch a Youtube video to get creative, try to see if it's possible to get crafty with things you already have around the house.

2. SWAP: Exchange old costumes with friends or family, in order to reduce textile waste and give costumes a second life.

 3. INVEST IN ECO PRODUCTS: If you are planning to buy something for your Halloween costume, ask yourself if you will wear it for more than just that one night. If you are confident in that, you can be sure it's a good investment! Always remember to do some research to know more about the brand and their ethos to ensure you align with their values too :)


Similarly to the accessories featured in this article, Chic Made Consciously pieces are a not only a good eco-investment, but they are quality crafted, will ensure you look great on Halloween and long after the holiday ends :)

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!




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