WOMEN WE LOVE: Our Global Female Artisans

In developing nations around the world, the artisan sector is one of the largest employers. Only behind agriculture, artisan practices allow for millions of people, the majority of which are women, to make an income.

"At Chic Made Consciously, our global partnerships are at the core of what we do. We understand that without our artisans we would not exist, and thus, take pride and care in nurturing these relationships with love."

-Cassandra, Founder

The artisan industry is so important in helping to create job opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise, especially for women, as they make up the majority of those living in poverty.

Across the globe, women are the lowed paid and earn 24% less than men. 75% of women in developing regions are often not paid enough to escape poverty. (OxFam)

When you invest in brands like us, who partner with global artisans, the impact of your purchase goes so much further then it would if you were to buy from a big brand store. Investing in artisan products directly invests into their livelihood, their community, and allows them to continue to keep their traditional craftsmanship skills alive.

Our global partnerships are based out of Indonesia and Cambodia with collaborative initiatives with Art Cycle Bali, Craftworks Cambodia and Tonle. Currently, we have been supporting 8 women artisans throughout Bali and Cambodia.

Our mission is to help you wear beautiful, impactful and meaningful stories, by knowing the people behind the products you wear. They are more than just stories, they are human lives you are touching with your investments and we hope you feel proud knowing their names and seeing their faces. 

Why are these women so special?

These women have impeccable stories, and at the core of it they love to create. Our founder, Cassandra had the opportunity to meet many of these women in person and have been actively pursuing life as an artisan to support their families and loved ones. On each of our adventures to visit both Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Bali, Indonesia the women (and men) express their utmost gratitude for our love and support.

Read each of their individual stories and meet each maker #imadeCMC

Investing in artisans is an investment in creating job opportunities to help fight poverty, guaranteeing better working conditions, as well as protecting our planet. 

None of our work would be possible without our artisans, and their story is such an important part of our story as a brand. When you wear your pieces, you are wearing a piece of all of our partners, something that was handmade just for you.


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