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For this weeks article on Good People Doing Good Things, I am happy to introduce Farrukh Lalani, founder of Daria Day. I met Farrukh two years ago when I joined Ryerson's Social Ventures Zone for social purpose businesses. Her passion for transparency and helping artisans from her home in Northern Pakistan is so innate in her that I am so grateful to share her story with you today. 

Meet Farrukh Lalani: Founder of Daria Day

What is your company's mission?

Daria Day’s mission is to provide the artisans who handcraft our jewelry with a sustainable livelihood and a path to prosperity. 

Daria Day works with artisans living in the remote mountain communities in the foothills of the K2 Mountain in Northern Pakistan - some of which are the most isolated and poor communities in the world.

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by our artisans and tells the story of the artisan who made it. By supporting the economically disadvantaged, Daria Day hopes to make a difference by breaking the cycle of poverty and to show that we are all connected.

What inspired Daria Day to begin?

Daria Day’s story begins almost 10 years ago when founder Farrukh, found herself weary and tired of her corporate life and began to look for inspiration outside of it. Knowing only that she wanted to make a difference, Farrukh volunteered with a women’s group working in the slums of Mumbai. Eventually, she joined an international NGO focusing on issues of poverty alleviation in developing countries.


Her work eventually took her to the country of her birth, Pakistan. A country she had often heard about from her parents but had rarely visited. There, in Northern Pakistan, at the foothills of K2 mountain, Farrukh came across some of the most vulnerable and isolated communities. It was an encounter that would change her perspective and her life. 

To break the cycle of poverty and provide the communities with an additional source of income, various NGO's had implemented gemstone processing and jewelry making programs. However, as with most NGO’s there was no follow up after the training. The artisans having received these extensive trainings were still unable to stake out a livelihood as they had no access to profitable markets or an idea of what to produce.

And this is when Farrukh decide to launch Daria Day to connect these artisans to the world market. 

What kind of superpower does your company possess and why we should care?

Our gemstones are sourced directly from miners. Our artisans’ hands transform the raw stone into beautiful, faceted gems you see in our jewelry. 

Each gemstone carries with it healing powers and our jewelry is designed to connect you to those positive powers.

What are your bestselling products?

Our lapis and amethyst bracelets have so far been our best sellers. 

Our lapis is all-natural. The deep blue color of our lapis gemstone is highlighted by white and gold natural markings making each piece of jewelry unique. Long associated with royalty, lapis is a symbol of honor and spiritual vision, carrying with it energies of wisdom and truth

 Like our lapis, our amethyst is all-natural and we only use the naturally occurring purple-hued amethyst. This bold, dark purple gemstone is known as the protector stone and helps to relieve stress and drive out negative energy.

What are you working on for 2020?

We are always looking to make things better. We are working on our B-Corp certification process. We are also partnering with other retailers to bring our jewelry to a store near you (but meanwhile please continue to shop on our online store). We want to make it easy for you to shop ethically and sustainably.

We dream of a world where sustainable fashion is the norm!

Us too, Farrukh! It's brands like Daria Day that inspire us at Chic Made Consciously to continue to pursue our commitment to our makers and our traceability.

We hope you enjoyed this edition and stay tuned for more Good People coming your way!


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