GPDGT: Kristen Pereira

We love all things sustainable fashion. So it's our pleasure to introduce this week's Good People founder, Kristen Pereira from Adalinda Fashion. With a passion to connect consumers to designers and brands that are paving the way for sustainable fashion, Adalinda Fashion is on a mission to create a better world. 

Meet Kristen Pereira: Founder of Adalinda Fashion:


What is your company's mission?

Adalida Fashion is a sustainable fashion platform.

We provide the infrastructure for designers and brands to elevate their business to the next level, by leveraging visual presentations such as live events and social channels. We help connect sustainable fashion designers to our client base.

What inspired Adalinda Fashion to begin?
I studied fashion in college and worked in retail. I saw there was a disconnect in what the industry knew and what clients knew. I agreed with the customers who said the quality had of garments gotten worse. However, they still loved to talk about sale prices.

It became clear to me that consumers did not understand how to cost a garment and the problems facing factory workers. I started to explain this to clients and realized I wanted to do this on a bigger scale.

I did a fashion show to promote sustainable fashion as a passion project. 
That drove me to understanding there was a bigger need out there.
What kind of superpower does your company possess and why should we care?

We connect!

Our platform reaches both into the fashion industry and consumers who would not care about sustainability. During our events, we are able to fill the room with people from all walks of life that normally would not meet under normal circumstances.
What are you best known for?
We promote sustainable fashion designers during New York Fashion Week and host panel talks.
What are you working on for 2020 and beyond that you want us to know about?
We had planned for New York Fashion Week in the fall. However, we are shifting as COVID-19 is disrupting everyone's plans. The best way to keep up to date is by joining our email list. There is a subscription box in the bottom of
Thank you Kristen!  We thank you for your inspiration. Make sure to tune into our LIVE interview on Instagram, May 28th at 3PM EST to catch us talking about sustainability and the future of fashion. 


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