My First Dress Rental Experience


Who would have thought renting clothes would be the newest and greenest trend?

Yes, it’s true.

I mean, just yesterday Urban Outfitters launched their new model of rental service, proving that even bigger brands are jumping on board.

As the founder of CMC for the past four years, I have learned so much about the fashion industry and I am always curious for new solutions and alternatives to fast fashion. I am consciously looking for ways to align my shopping with my values of sustainability.

It wasn’t until I began teaching with Fashion Takes Action’s youth program, My Clothes My World, where I learned about renting. To expand on the 3 R’s of recycling, we teach the 7 R’s of fashion which include: Repurpose, Repair, Research and Rent (on top of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!) - that you could learn about here

Renting was an 'R' I had never tried, but always wanted to! And so, when my girlfriend's wedding was approaching this month, I was super keen to try this sustainable alternative instead of buying a new outfit.


With a 400% increase in consumption over the last 20 years, it’s no surprise that 79% of Canadian closets remain unworn and simply sit in our closet.

This drastic increase in consumption is fueled by low prices that make it easy for us to buy items we don’t love. And the more disconnected we are to what we buy means that we have a lot more sitting in our closets that we don’t wear!

And especially for weddings, I mean let’s get real, how often do you wear those glam designer dresses?


Wedding venue: The King Edward Hotel


So, for my wedding outfit, I decided to rent from Boro, which is an online rental marketplace. What is neat about their platform is that you can be a borrower as well as a lender! I chose 5 dresses from the site and they were delivered to my house. It was super fun to play around with trying dresses on and choosing one that suited my style and fit best. Learn more about my experience here:


My absolute favourite part of the night was every time someone commented on how gorgeous the dress was. I felt so good telling people it was rented and seeing their surprised look, as well as sharing what the purpose of renting is. I feel good doing my part for the environment.

dress-rental-for-wedding-with-boro-and-chic-made-consciouslyCassandra with Boro Founder, Natalie Festa



Choosing to rent is a great way to reuse clothes and keep everything closed loop. So, thank you to Boro for allowing me to feel fabulous and gorgeous in my sustainable outfit knowing that I am choosing fashion that is good for the planet too!





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