As Chic Made Consciously continues to grow, we believe collaboration is the key to expansion and success. It warms our heart and truly aligns with our mission to connect with other individuals striving for the same global fashion goals. 

We were introduced to Leticia Bordoni and Romina Pirani, the founders of P A U S E FASHION HUB in 2018. Their name "P A U S E" came from the idea to inspire and influence consumers to stop, and literally - PAUSE, to re-think their fashion purchases. The concept involves curating pop-up shops around the world with sustainable designers to offer conscious shopping. Neat?

I was drawn to their vision, and it clearly aligned so well with ours at Chic Mad Consciously. So, in the fall of 2018, we excitedly participated in two of their pop-ups based in New York City. 

I literally adore travel, so of course, I took this pop-up as an opportunity to get out of Toronto and make it a trip. For the last weekend of PAUSE #7 in Brooklyn, I ventured to NYC to meet the PAUSE team and be part of the sustainable conversations.

It opened up my eyes, to see other designers around the world being so innovative with their concepts, materials, supply chain, and all sharing the same values. The more I learn about others with a similar passion, the more it excites me and gives me hope that fashion is changing for good.

Photoshoot from PAUSE POP UP #6

credits: photographer @caspertelly, stylist @dartakaleja, mua + hair @anngior, model: alice finnerty @goodbern, production @pausefashionhub, dress @_komana_, coat @kromagnonnyc, sunglasses @palaeyewear

Model wearing CMC Flare Clutch

The Canvas NYC, in Brooklyn, was truly a sustainable fashion emporium. In the spacious warehouse with a modern twist, it was beautifully decorated and felt so welcoming. Meeting the founders of PAUSE felt like I knew them for ages, it really felt like a special family!

Photo bottom right with P A U S E team (left to right): photographer/videographer Pia Mayerhofer, Cassandra Ciarallo, CMC Founder, Leticia Bordoni and Romina Pirani, founders of P A U S E

Photoshoot from PAUSE POP UP #7

photographer @caitlin.ogrady @desfura, mua + hair @anngior, models @kiaedgehill @ainerosecampbell @ana.tess @emg_, production @pausefashionhub, clothing  @shipsheip @woolformillicent @giuliabrunettiknitwear @nimzu_

Models wearing TITUS Bracelet & VALERIA Choker



Their vision is purely from the heart, and with such a great fashion sense for design and aesthetic. It was my absolute pleasure to be part of such a beautiful project and work with the ladies at P A U S E. 


photographer @camilagh, stylist @dartakaleja, mua + hair @anngior, model @marilima90, production @pausefashionhub, head scarf @maria_maurio, top @cecileswim, earrings @pulvajewelry, necklaces @goodbern @chicmadeconsciously

Model wearing JULIA choker + TITUS bracelet

Check out our most recent YouTube video with our interview and story:

Thank you P A U S E for this opportunity.

I look forward to collaborating again in the future<3

"We curate creativity to celebrate sustainability.
We speak inspirations through collaborations.
And, we pause to continue our cause." 







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