Thanksgiving Looks We Love


Fall is the IT season. As we transition from vacation and summer mode, we settle into school and the new autumn weather.

This time of year is one of my favorites. It always feels so cozy with lots of family time, good food and especially the transition to fall fashion staples!

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As Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend, it's such a special holiday that offers a break to spend time with your loved ones, perhaps a getaway weekend to immerse yourself in nature or just a short break to touch base with yourself.

No matter what activity you're engaged in this weekend, I’m here to give you some wardrobe ideas for this special holiday. These outfits are great inspiration for your outings ahead.

1. Apple or Pumpkin Picking


I'm from North Bay and a popular fall activity is going to the local farm to pick up some autumnal goodies. On weekends, families go out to pick out pumpkins, see the turkeys and even get to make homemade s’mores.

Choosing pumpkins and picking apples is a great Canadian activity you can participate in to get the full Thanksgiving experience.

That being said, outdoor activities this time of year can be a little chilly. If you are ready for some outdoor fun, make sure your outfit pieces are aligned for the cold! 

The combination shown below is an example of an outfit that would be both warm and cute for any outdoor adventure. Orchards and pumpkin patches can be muddy, so it's a good idea to get out your rainboots, too.


Another option for that cute and comfy look for this autumn activity is overalls. Overalls are a great piece for any season because of the versatility they offer. To make them perfect for fall you can pair them with a long sleeve or a thick knit underneath to keep toasty warm. It looks super cute with any fuzzy coat on top, making it suitable for spending time outside. 


With all these comfy and cozy outfit looks, you’re going to want to add something that gives some spark and some daintiness to everything. 

Chic Made Consciously’s CARA earrings are the perfect little pair to add some golden life to it all.  

2. Family Dinner


When it comes to Thanksgiving, you may certainly be attending a scrumptious family dinner.

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with your loved ones and giving thanks for the family that you have.

Family dinners can be a great time to catch up with everyone that you haven’t had the chance to see in a while. And, an even better excuse to dress up and get your inner fashionista on!


Some inspiration might be a classic blue high waisted pair of jeans with a little black button up. If you're feeling adventurous, add some flair and pattern with a beautiful cheetah print cardigan instead. I love this print as it makes a statement and is a very timeless print to have in your closet.

If you’re daring and ready to level up your family dinner outfit, CMC's MARTINA bracelet screams cute yet edgy with this combination!  


3. Getaway weekend

In Ontario as well as all over Canada, cottage season is not only big in the summertime, but also during the fall season. Thanksgiving weekend is prime time to get away for a few days, surrounded yourself by a nice warm fire and nature!


With that being said, if you’re not going to a chalet for the weekend this outfit is totally versatile and wearable for lots of different outings.

As mentioned in our previous blog, one of my to-die-for pieces for this season is knits and to be more specific, super long knits. They make a great piece to wear on top of pants or even as a sweater dress!

The outfit inspiration here is paired with a vest and plaid scarf, which totally screams fall vibes. Remember to shop your own closet to find some extra layers that would be good for any fireside or outdoor activity. This is a nice sustainable option as well!



4. Girls Night Out

Last but certainly not least, we have the outfit I put together as inspiration for a girls night out or a fancy dinner. Depending on what your Thanksgiving weekend brings, this outfit could be your go-to style!


A biker jacket is a classic fall item that compliments many different looks. When you pair it with something on the dressier side, you give it some edge and it levels out the outfit so that it's not too fancy. This dress, in particular, is a beautiful color for fall, especially with the lovely floral print.


Try adding CMC's minimalistic JULIA choker to top off the look. This accessory is a staple as it is incredibly easy to wear with many different styles.

This will definitely add that sustainable touch as well! 


These outfits have us getting even more excited about the exciting weekend ahead of us. Share any of your outfit looks with us in the comments below.

Cheers to a wonderful Thanksgiving, stylish looks and sustainable jewelry to top it off!


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