The CMC Feel Good Challenge

In the month of February, our blog content has focused on finding ways to feel good, and show yourself love and compassion during this cold winter season. While reading these tips, we can understand and have the awareness that doing the things to make yourself feel better (especially now) is so important. But sometimes, taking the next step to actually implement them into your days can be challenging! 

To help you take action, we will be hosting a 5-day Feel Good Challenge next week from February 22nd to 26th on Instagram. #CMCFeelGoodChallenge

For these 5 days, we’re challenging YOU to join us in incorporating new, small changes in your day, in effort to make yourself feel good, and see what you may want to incorporate in your everyday life after the challenge! Throughout the week, we will also be hosting 2 live streams for those participating to engage more in the fun. But that’s not all...if you join us on Instagram @chicmadeconsciously and participate all week long, you have the chance to win a prize.

One winner will be drawn at the end of the week for the person who participates the most.

The winner will receive:

  • $150 worth of CMC products (coupon code to use on the website) +

  • 60 minute 1:1 coaching session with Cassandra (winner can choose whether we focus on building your confidence + personal style or focusing more on embodiment self care practices. Valued at $100).

Below, we have outlined each day of the challenge, so you can know what to expect from us next week:


Day 1: Shop Your Closet: Create a New Outfit That Expresses your Style


Put together an outfit that is something you’ve never worn before, haven’t worn in a while, or haven’t styled in this way. Spice up your day with the energy of something new. Dressing up for our day even when we are at home can be huge in shifting our energy and getting us feeling energized to tackle our day.

DO: Show your outfit on stories and tag @chicmadeconsciously #CMCFeelGoodChallenge 

-Bonus if you style it with one of our accessories and #iwearCMC

-Bonus points if you put the photo in your IG feed with the proper tags

-Bonus points for every other day this week you Shop your closet and tag us in your stories / feed 


Day 2: Activate Your Inner Presence Meditation


Join me at 10AM EST for a LIVE mediation where I will guide you to connect with your body and deepen into activating your energy centres to feel grounded and supported. I will share some tools for creating morning and evening routines for yourself to help you start and end your day nourishing yourself.

DO: Share the replay in your stories & comment on the post (it will be reposted on our IGTV after the Live) with something you enjoyed. Tag @chicmadeconsciously and #CMCFeelGoodChallenge 

-Bonus if you are there LIVE

-Bonus if you share an image of your own meditation!

-Bonus points if you put the photo in your IG feed with the proper tags


Day 3: Try Something New 


It can be really easy to stay comfortable in our every day routines, so do something DIFFERENT today (choose something you normally DON'T DO): take a mid-day break and read a book, take a walk in nature, try a yoga or fitness class, bake cookies or whip up a new recipe for dinner that you’ve wanted to try for a long time. If you’re musical and play an instrument, try learning a new song today, or put on your fav music and move your body however you want to move it.

DO: Share a photo of what you do on stories and tag @chicmadeconsciously #CMCFeelGoodChallenge 

- Bonus points if you put the photo in your IG feed with the proper tags


Day 4: Feel Good Talk & Shop

Thursday evening I will go LIVE at 7PM EST to bring a discussion around affirmations, positive self talk, mindset and embodiment ways to stay feeling good in our everyday after the Feel Good Challenge. 

A portion of the LIVE will focus on conscious shopping and share a special Chic Made Consciously treat to for those who tune in.

DO: Share the replay your stories & comment on the repost IGTV with something you enjoyed. Tag @chicmadeconsciously and #CMCFeelGoodChallenge 

-Bonus if you are there LIVE

- Bonus points if you put the photo in your IG feed with the proper tags

Day 5: Self Care Clean

Keeping your space neat and tidy is immense in having a clear mind and creative flow/energy in our days. Clear your desk space, make your bed, vacuum the floor, clean the space you work and live in to refresh the space for some #feelgood vibes.

DO: Share your #WFH space, we’d love to see it!

-Tag @chicmadeconsciously #CMCFeelGoodChallenge

- Bonus points if you put the photo in your IG feed with the proper tags


We hope you'll join us next week, February 22-26 for the challenge. Head over to our instagram page and let us know on our latest post...are you IN?

We can't wait to see how you incorporate feeling good into your routines!





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