The Story of Our Tire Collection

Story of our first collection

Trucks are one of the most common forms of transportation on earth, so it is no surprise they produce billions of tires every year across the globe. However, just like other plastic items, tires are not biodegradable, resulting in mass amounts of tire waste around the world. 

While some tires can be burned and used for fuel, this is not the most environmentally-friendly means of recycling, as they contain many different pollutants (National Geographic). If tires are not recycled, they will end up in landfills, and in some cases, our oceans and rivers. 

In Indonesia specifically, the tire waste is not only an issue for pollution, but also for the spreading of diseases like malaria, as tire wells create the perfect habit for mosquitoes to breed.

For Pat, the founder of Art Cycle Bali, tackling the issue of tire waste is what sparked the inspiration behind the organization. Pat has been making art for decades, and graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts.
He has been working with recycled materials in his art since 2006, eventually culminating in the creation of Art Cycle Bali. 

With the mission of creating a healthier environment, for the planet and people, Pat and everyone at Art Cycle Bali works towards creating items that are of the highest quality while using material that would sit in a landfill, or end up in waterways.



Cassandra met the team at Art Cycle Bali in 2015, on her adventures throughout South East Asia. Seeing their commitment to the environment and their artisanship was the catalyst to the launch of Chic Made Consciously. Cassandra was so inspired to work with these artisans and continue to spread their message of fashion and sustainability and partnered with them not long after her travels back from Indonesia.


Founder Cassandra with Pat from Art Cycle Bali in their workshop
In 2017, Cassandra went back to Bali and worked in collaboration with Pat and the team at Art Cycle Bali to design a custom collection of our unique pieces. 

Over the years, Art Cycle Bali has saved over 1000 tires from ending up in landfills, while creating job opportunities for many artisans in Bali and Java, and sharing their message through the pieces they create. 

Join our mission to save tires from landfill and wear responsibly sourced accessories that tell a story of sustainability, fashion, art and fair trade. We know you will feel proud to wear such a special story.

Visit our collection below to invest in your very own piece. Let us know what your favourite styles are in the comments below!


Woman wearing recycled tire earrings

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