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Part of our mission as a brand is to ensure kindness for both people, and the planet. When we envision the future of the fashion industry, we see brands that prioritize environmental stewardship and creating zero-waste products.


What is zero-waste?

You may be asking yourself - what does ‘zero-waste’ even mean when it comes to fashion? Zero-waste products make use of 100% of a material, leaving no scraps behind and finding innovative ways to ensure nothing hits landfill. In our case, our zero waste collection is made from repurposed textiles.

Why is zero-waste fashion important?

It’s estimated that every second, one garbage truck worth of textiles is burned, or put in a landfill (Fashion Revolution). The fashion industry produces approximately 80 billion garments a year, 400% more than just two decades prior (The True Cost).

Our partners at Tonlé are a force in the sustainable fashion industry, and their approach to zero-waste uses both recycled materials, while also guaranteeing all the material they source serves a purpose.


In 2018, Cassandra happened to be in Cambodia during Fashion Revolution Week. Her passion for sustainable fashion inspired her to connect with people and events that were happening there in alignment with her purpose. She found 'Transparency Day', which was a full day event that many ethical fashion brands took part in, and this meant opening their doors for anyone to drop in and see how they operated. This was inspired to bring in more transparency and offer insight into their supply chain. 

So, Cassandra dropped in to visit a few different brands, one of which was Tonlé. She was so excited to step inside their workshop and learn more about this zero waste brand and their processes. At the time, this visit was simply as a fan of their brand and their mission. But after connecting with the team there, and being so inspired by their work, we were able to develop a beautiful partnership. 

Many major global fashion brands source their production out of Cambodia, which results in large amounts of textile waste. The team at Tonlé is able to buy back some of this fabric that would otherwise end up as a part of the statistics of incinerated or landfill waste, and put it to use, otherwise known as "deadstock" fabric.

All the fabric that enters the Tonlé workshop ends up serving one purpose or another, with even the smallest scraps being turned into paper!

Our zero-waste textile collection with Tonlé is bold and versatile. Just as these pieces are made out of textiles that were given a second life, you can bring new life to these pieces with all of the different looks you can create.

If you’re interested in shopping our textile collection, link below and let us know your favs.

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