chic made consciously eco friendly versatile bag made from tire inner tubes
chic made consciously sustainable versatile bag handmade from tire inner tubes
chic made consciously fair trade unisex bag ethically made in Bali
chic made consciously upcycled unisex bag made from repurposed truck tires
chic made conscioulsy handcrafted versatile bag made with love in Bali
chic made consciously sustainable unisex bag made from truck tire inner tubes in Bali


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LIMITLESS was designed to take you anywhere! This handmade bag is reclaimed from truck tire inner tubes. Use it as a gym bag, travel bag, sports bag, everyday bag or whatever your heart desires; this bag is perfectly suited for its LIMITLESS abilities. 

This bag was designed and handcrafted by our artisan partners at Art Cycle Bali.




  • incredibly durable
  • waterproof 
  • soft and smooth texture
  • versatility = limitless
  • spacious
  • made from repurposed tire inner tubes
  • lining is upcycled from advertising banner