chic made consciously eco friendly unisex tire belt handmade in bali
chic made consciously sustainable unisex belt made from repurposed truck tires
chic made consciously upcycled unisex belt made from truck tires in bali
chic made consciously repurposed unisex belt ethically made in indonesia
chic made consciously fair trade unisex belt made from repurposed truck tires


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This handcrafted belt is made from repurposed truck tires. Durable and made to last, this belt is designed with handmade carvings that look similar to real tread marks!

This belt was designed and handcrafted by our artisan partners at Art Cycle Bali.

Belt sizes are measured from first to last hole on belt. 

*BELT SIZING TIP: Go up 2 inches from your waist size to get the best fit. EX: if you have a 34” waist, a belt labeled 36"-38” would probably be the best fit. 



Francesca D.
This belt looks amazing - I especially love it for guys! A few guys I know have one and have loved them!