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JUSTUS is a special piece that embodies the energy of what the entire Golden Collection is all about. Transforming a piece of Cambodian history from hate to love, this necklace was once a bullet shell casing now given a new life. It symbolizes the irony of beauty that comes from something destructive and how this tool is now offering a new chapter for the Cambodian people. As we are helping them rebuild their society and offering sustainable income, JUSTUS gives you the ability to feel a connection to this powerful story!



  • Quality handmade design
  • Comes on a long ball chain strand that is brass with a gold metallic finish
  • Ethically handcrafted in Cambodia to offer our artisan community a sustainable income
  • Sustainably made from a reclaimed bullet shell
  • Material is responsibly sourced, see our FAQ section to learn more 
  • Unique piece that is made in small batch production
  • Reusable and handmade packaging also ethically made in Cambodia
  • Wear a special story of connection to this piece of history and know that you are part of helping us change that story to one that is empowering for the Cambodian people!