chic made consciously sustainable headband made from repurposed tire inner tubes
chic made consciously eco friendly headband handmade from tire inner tubes
chic made consciously upcycled elastic headband made from tire inner tubes handmade in bali


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The twin of DIVYA, AGNI has more depth and dimensions. It is repurposed and handmade from tire inner tubes. The elasticity of the rubber make it incredibly useful to wear as a headband - it stays in place and does the job of holding hair our of your face.

Designed with sacred elemental symbols, this piece is meant to make you feel like your pure essence. Wear AGNI and let your light shine!

The Sacred Muse collection was designed by Cassandra Ciarallo from Chic Made Consciously. Handcrafted by our artisan partners at Art Cycle Bali.




  • adjustable rubber strap for many sizes
  • extreme comfortability on your head
  • soft texture and malleable material
  • durable material and holds back hair nicely
  • waterproof
  • versatility of piece: it can be worn underneath hair to hold it back or on top as more of a decorative piece
  • 100% upcycled from tires: this design has no added components or materials