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Our Story

Cassandra Ciarallo envisions a world without fast fashion. 

A world where humans aren't overworked, abused or underpaid in order to meet global consumption and keep up with weekly trends. Where wasted or unwanted clothes and accessories aren't being thrown away to pollute our landfills.

Here is her story...

Chic Made Consciously was born in early 2015 with high consideration for people and the planet. We strive to offer timeless products that are sustainable. Fashion is more than just looking chic and stylish, it's about being conscious and ensuring that everyone in the process is treated fairly.

In the summer of 2014, Cassandra travelled across South East Asia, pursuing her passion of immersing with different cultures and exploring the world. On her travels, she became inspired and fascinated by the art, culture and lifestyle in Asia, especially Bali, Indonesia. 
One of her favourite cities in Bali was Ubud, the art capital of the island which made her feel like she had stepped into to another world. Artisans, craftsmen, and painters filled the streets handcrafting some of the most beautiful, one of a kind goods she had ever seen. As she walked down one street, she came across a shop where the worker was creating accessories from repurposed tire inner tubes. She fell in love with his magnificent work and was invited to spend the day creating and working with the material herself.
She learnt about the unfortunate circumstances with tire waste on the island and all over the globe. In Bali, the locals dump their tires in landfills, which in turn pollute the island and waterways. She saw how passionately these artisans worked to make change and give waste a new life. This sparked a fire inside of her and she eagerly wanted to be a part of this movement. 

Instead of mass producing products made with planned obsolescence, Chic Made Consciously spreads the message of slow fashion by offering accessories that are designed to last. We support local workers in Bali in order to preserve their culture of art and craftsmanship, while also promoting ethical production and fair wages. We use a material that is repurposed to help preserve our planet, too. 

Our business model works with being transparent in everything we do. Our values = value for our customers. 

 We hope to continuously educate consumers to make more conscious fashion choices. We believe that working as a collective community, we can truly make a change.

Whatever you do, do it with all of your heart!