Tires were originally made with natural rubber. With the evolution of mass production, the volume significantly increased and turned them into a man-made product now derived from synthetic rubber, which is essentially a plastic.

This is why we think it's so important to us to repurpose this product and avoid more plastics from entering landfill.

Our Balinese team does an incredible job at hand cleaning, washing, sterilizing and coating them with all natural based coconut oil cleansers. They are left out in the sun which significantly reduces it's potent smell! This process takes about 4-5 days before they even begin craftsmanship.

Most customers are surprised at how there is barely a noticeable smell, and this does significantly decrease with wear.

We did not want to sell a product that was not in line with our values of safety to humans. So, we pursued to have had our products lab tested and we are proud to say that the result was appropriate for long-term skin contact. We do not take this lightly and are ensuring we do consistent testing in this area. In over 5 years of sales we have never had any customer complaints.

However, we would suggest those who might have very sensitive skin and are allergic to latex to be mindful.

There are so many!

They are incredibly durable products, waterproof, soft and malleable against the skin. They are very lightweight, from bracelets, to earrings which make them the ideal travel companion.

The amazing thing is that these products is that they need very little, if any maintenance! You will find how resilient each product is and that each item looks brand new even after years of wear.

As they are already coated with our coconut oil based cleansers in our production process, they are good to go for it's entire lifetime. However, feel free to use a tiny bit of coconut oil to shine it up whenever you'd like.


For this collection, we have partnered with Tonlé, a zero-waste ethical fashion manufacturer based in Cambodia, to launch a unique collection of accessories made exclusively from fabric off-cuts and textile waste.

These fabrics are considered "deadstock", which is fabric that garment factories typically have left over after a production run, dyed a wrong colour or surplus fabric that is unsold by the textile mills and left in storage.

Poncho & headband - Repurposed jersey stretch fabrics. They are hand-cut and then hand-knit. Over time the piece will give and stretch a little more than the original condition. 

Fringe pieces - Repurposed from vegan leathers. 

Poncho & headband - hand wash cold and lay flat to dry. Instructions for washing are on care label on the poncho.

Fringe pieces - wipe with damp cloth if needed.

We have some easy to wear and style videos for you to get the most versatility out of your pieces!

Eternal Scarf

Transformation Headband

Visit our Artisan Page to learn more about the women who made your products!


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. As each piece is upcycled, there is no accurate amount of the metals in every piece and may contain small amounts of other metals. Copper and zinc do not contain nickel, however, as each piece may vary slightly we cannot guarantee that it is entirely nickel-free.

Brass ages with time (just like wine!) and this is called a patina This means that due to natural oxidation of the metal and exposure to heat over time, it will slightly darken in colour. Storing the jewelry in a plastic bag will slow oxidation. Most customers actually enjoy the colour of the brass once it ages!

Similarly to sterling silver, it can be easily cleaned and returned to its original shiny state using natural cleaning methods. Ensure you are polishing it regularly to keep it's luster and shine!

Watch our DIY cleaning video.

Our favorite cleaner is called the UNIVERSAL STONE. An eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner that gives The Golden Collection an incredible shine!

An all natural cleaner:

Homemade Vinegar Paste

1. Create a paste from vinegar, salt, and flour. Mix 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of salt into 1/2 cup (125 ml) of white vinegar, stirring until combined. 

2. Rub this paste onto the brass. 

3. Rinse the jewelry under warm water. 

4. Buff the jewelry dry using a soft, dry cloth.

Even simply rubbing lemon on the brass works well, too!

The short answer is it depends!

Any type of heat against the metal will cause oxidization, and in this process could cause some discolouring of the skin depending on your body chemistry and acidity levels. Sometimes, this could also happen if you have an allergy to the metal.

We normally advise that if you have very sensitive skin or have never tried wearing brass before, to be mindful and consider that before making a purchase.

Yes! We would suggest using a clear nail polish on the inside of the ring or bracelet and this will add a coating to avoid any discoloration. This is a very easy solution!

We have tried extensively to find various methods of plating to solve the discolouring problem. Our attempt to keep everything local to Cambodia made it very challenging, as well as the problem of most plating solutions being incredibly toxic for our artisans to use. We decided against this for that reason. We hope you can understand and enjoy brass for the beauty it carries on it's own!