1. What type of fabrics is the Identity collection made from?

For this collection, we have partnered with Tonlé, a zero-waste ethical fashion manufacturer based in Cambodia, to launch a unique collection of accessories made exclusively from fashion off-cuts and textile waste.
Poncho & headband - Repurposed jersey stretch fabrics. They are hand-cut and then hand-knit. Over time the piece will give and stretch a little more than the original condition.
Fringe pieces - Repurposed from vegan leathers. 

2. How do I care for my new pieces? 
Poncho & headband - hand wash cold and lay flat to dry. Instructions for washing are on care label on the poncho.
Fringe pieces - wipe with damp cloth if needed.
3. How can I style these pieces?
4. Who made my accessory?
Visit our Artisan Page to learn more about the women who made your products!



1. The new collection is made from upcycled brass, and what metals are these exactly?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. As each piece is upcycled, there is no accurate amount of the metals in every piece and may contain small amounts of other metals. Copper and zinc do not contain nickel, however, as each piece may vary slightly we cannot guarantee that it is entirely nickel-free.

2. How do I care for my new pieces and do they tarnish? 

Brass patinas with time. This means that due to natural oxidation of the metal and exposure to heat over time, it will slightly dull. Storing the jewelry in a plastic bag will slow oxidation.

Similarly to sterling silver, it can be easily cleaned and returned to its original shiny state using natural cleaning methods. 

Our ultimate favorite cleaner is called the UNIVERSAL STONE. An eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner that gives The Golden Collection an incredible shine!

Another option for an all natural cleaner:

Cleaning Tarnish with Homemade Vinegar Paste

  1. Create a paste from vinegar, salt, and flour. Mix 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of salt into 1/2 cup (125 ml) of white vinegar, stirring until combined. 
  2. Rub this paste onto the brass. 
  3. Rinse the jewelry under warm water. 
  4. Buff the jewelry dry using a soft, dry cloth.

3. Are the accessories really firm? How do I easily take them on and off? 

Our accessories are extremely durable, meaning bending them will not allow them to break. They can easily bend to open and close for a precise fit around your wrist. Watch below to see how to adjust them with ease!

4. Is it for the artisans to retrieve the landmine materials?

Our artisans are absolutely not the ones going into the landmines themselves. This process is incredibly controlled as our partners at Craftworks Cambodia work with a certification body called the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC). After visiting Cambodia myself, I was able to ensure this governing body is taking the necessary steps to ensures there is continual training and research & development happening in Cambodian so there are no accidents. Since 1993, CMAC has found over 2.6 million remnants of war. Read more about this governing body.

We are proud to be repurposing these materials that were once tragic, and encouraging a story of solidarity and economic power for the Cambodian people!

See The Golden Collection that is transforming hate to love!