Meet the Makers

We work in collaboration with local artisans in Bali who are the makers of each handcrafted item we sell. As a representative of Art Cycle Bali in North America, we are happy to pay fair wages, which are set by the Art Cycle Bali team. We also ensure there is no child labour and the artisans work in safe working conditions.

TriPatworo, Pat

The creator of ArtCycle Bali and the inspirational change-maker who began upcycling with tires in 2006. He has had a huge influence on Cassandra's life in an incredibly positive way. His passion for infusing art and recycling together was evident the moment she met him.  

Why handmade?

We believe its important to preserve the Indonesian culture of art and craftsmanship, while also promoting ethical production and fair wages.

We encourage consumers to connect with the story behind what they wear and take an extra moment to be mindful before buying. Ask yourself questions such as: "Who made this? Where did it come from? Who is affected by this purchase? What is the social and environmental impact?"

This way, we are all doing our part and contributing to a more just and fair economy!

Our business model works by being transparent in everything we do.

Our values = value for our customers.