chic made consciously eco friendly laptop bag handmade from repurposed tire inner tubes
chic made consciously sustainable ethical laptop corporate bag made from tire inner tubes in bali
chic made consciously upcycled laptop case durable bag handmade from tire inner tubes in bali


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Achieve greatness with our CORPORATE laptop case. It is handmade from repurposed tire tubes. It's spacious enough to carry your laptop, folders, papers a notebook, including an inside pocket. It also comes with removable handles which makes it incredibly versatile to wear as a bag or carry with the small handles. Focus on what you want and feel great with CORPORATE.


  • incredibly durable
  • waterproof 
  • soft and smooth texture
  • versatile: wear it as a bag, use the handles or cover your laptop and tuck it away inside a larger compartment
  • made from repurposed tire inner tubes
  • lining is colourful with upcycled advertising banner