chic made consciously eco friendly festival bag handmade from repurposed tire inner tubes in bali
chic made consciously sustainable vegan festy pack made from upcycled tire inner tubes


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FESTY pack is perfect for your carrying all your essential belongings. It is handcrafted from repurposed tire inner tubes. Feel as though you can take on the world as you adventure with only what you need and nothing more. Be free and enjoy all that FESTY has to offer!


  • incredibly durable
  • waterproof 
  • soft and smooth texture
  • versatile and easy to wear on hips or cross body
  • adjustable strap that tightens with pull through
  • perfectly sized to carry all your essential items
  • attach and hang important items like keys, water bottle etc from silver rings
  • made from repurposed tire inner tubes
  • lining is upcycled with advertising banner