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Flower Arm Tattoo - Solid

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This handcrafted flower cuff is made from a repurposed truck tire inner tube. It is designed with several flowers that cover your entire forearm. The craftsmanship and detail resembles an actual tattoo - but you have the luxury of removing it!

Look fashionable with this flower cuff and add some style to any outfit.

X SMALL: 6 inches - 15.5 cm
SMALL: 6.5 inches - 16.5 cm
MEDIUM: 7 inches - 18 cm
LARGE: 7.5 -8 inches - 19.5 cm

All sizes are 6.5 inches width (16.5 cm)

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Francesca D.
This is the absolute perfect bracelet. For those nights that you just want to wear your favourite black tank and black pants, but don't want it to look so plain! Add this bracelet and it takes your whole outfit (meaning mood) to the next level!