chic made consciously eco friendly festival bag made from repurposed tire inner tubes
chic made consciously sustainable festival bag handmade from tire inner tubes
chic made consciously upcycled frosty festival bag made from tire inner tubes in bali
chic made consciously vegan ethically made waterproof festival bag made from recycled tire inner tubes


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FROLIC was designed for you to play, dance, sing and laugh without worry. Its versatility is perfect for you to go store all of your valuables and not feel any restriction. It also has a secret compartment on the inside lining of the back! Enjoy the ease and convenience of this hip bag and go FROLIC.


  • incredibly durable 
  • waterproof 
  • soft and smooth texture
  • perfect for travelling, festivals, cycling or any adventure!
  • multiple storage compartments to keep all essentials in safe places
  • made from repurposed tire inner tubes
  • inside is lined from upcycled advertising banner